Staff Directory

Primary Telephone Number: (843) 365-8884

Staff Directory - Administration
First Last Extension Position
John Coffin 240 Executive Director
Charles Bell 218 Deputy Director
Crystal Sadler 219 Director of Administration
Megan Colegrove 214 Finance Manager
Traci Rivers 267 Administrative Assistant
Audrey Todd 237 Coordinator of Administrative Services
Courtney Mathis 211 Personnel
Judy Cooper 242 Data Specialist
Britney Stewart 235 Debt Collection
Susan Wilken 274 Medicaid
Mallory Williams 271 Insurance Billing
Kim Herring 220 Insurance Billing

Staff Directory - Front Office
First Last Extension Position
Beth Perry 241 Administrative Assistant
Colleen Stringer 401 Forestbrook
Damian Parson 227 Front Office
Kirsten Taylor 210 Front Office
Nina Bonelli 216 Front Office
Rob Sheets 264 Front Office
Debbie Nicholas 261 Front Office
Stasiay Brown 270 Front Office

Staff Directory - Prevention
First Last Extension Position
Jessie Marlowe 244 Prevention Coordinator
Judon Rice 246 Ropes Course
Elizabeth Clark 231 DFC Grant
Margot Duran 236 Prevention
Sadie Roy 259 AET
Aleasia Brown 272 Community Outreach
David Caruso 230 ECHO Grant

Staff Directory - Counseling
First Last Extension Position
Charles Bell 218 Director of Treatment Services
Eden Anderson 213 Coordinator of Outpatient Services
Ashley Fortunato 226 Counselor
Chad Robinette 265 Counselor
Darian Mehalic 222 Counselor
Vacant Vacant Case Manager
Emily Blewitt 212 Counselor
Becky Cochran 225 Counselor
Christine Keller 228 Counselor
Lindsey Hardee 252 Case Manager
Lee Hinson 223 Counselor
Mary Lynn Muck 266 Clinical Supervisor
Sonia Finch 221 Counselor
Patty Hottell 245 Counselor
Robert Arroyo 269 Counselor
Sheila Chaplin-Plowden 215 Case Manager
James Davis 239 Counselor
Dinesha Baker 238 Counselor
Kathy Hilton 281 Counselor
Bonnie Appi 280 Counselor
Scotia Salcedo 233 Counselor
Andrea McBride Intern
Robert Luciano Intern

Staff Directory - Womens Recovery Center
First Last Phone Position
Ryedenna Simon-McQueen 843-488-1300 WRC Coordinator
Connie Koprowicz 843-488-1300 Assistant WRC Coordinator
Vacant Vacant 843-488-1300 Clinical Counselor
Erica Gritzen 843-488-1300 WRC
Maggi Hocker 843-488-1300 WRC
Margie Cribb 843-488-1300 WRC
Latoya Lawrence 843-488-1300 WRC
Misty Scott 843-488-1300 WRC
Jennifer Cangeme 843-488-1300 WRC
Audrey Phillips 843-488-1300 WRC
Audrey Cooper 843-488-1300 WRC
Tamar Hinds 843-488-1300 Clinical Counselor

Staff Directory - Sbirt
First Last Phone Position
Millicent Haley 843-365-8884 SBIRT
Earl Huggins 843-365-8884 SBIRT
Asia McFadden 843-365-8884 SBIRT
Ginny Gallina 843-365-8884 SBIRT