Many of the families we work with at Shoreline Behavioral Health Services struggle throughout the year with challenges. But during the holiday season, life can be especially difficult to manage.  This is the time of year when our friends and clients need the most help!

In addition to helping individuals and families your support helps:

  • supply toiletries and other needed articles to our Women’s Recovery Center for clients recovering from substance use disorder who are at risk of losing their children to foster care;
  • helps build our emergency fund for clients in need of emergency financial assistance;
  • improves the lives of individuals with substance use conditions.

Your donation will help people touched by addiction, and establish a legacy of wellness for them — and for their families! Your tax-deductible donation will support our programs for children, adults, and families, and our prevention involvement efforts which are a vital part of Shoreline Behavioral Health Services continuing work.

Thank you for your support! Thank you for building hope!

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