Helpful Phone Numbers

Many of those seeking help from our agency are in need of help in a number of different areas, such as primary medical care, transportation, or services for the homeless. The following local agencies are commonly requested telephone numbers. If you need any other kind of assistance we can usually help you find it if it is not listed here or is not provided directly by us.  All you need to do is ask!

Organization Phone
Waccamaw Center for Mental Health 843-347-4888
Healthy Connections Medicaid Offices 888-549-0820
DHHS Conway 843-381-8260
CASA Conway (Citizens Against Spouse Abuse) 843-915-5085
Horry County DSS 843-915-4700
Vocational Rehabilitation 843-248-2235
Helping Hands 843-448-8451
Churches Assisting People 843-488-2277
Street Reach 843-626-3643
Coastal Regional Transit Authority 843-488-0865
Medicaid Transportation (Logisticare) 888-549-0820 (Option 4 then listen for your county)
Veteran Affairs 843-915-5480